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dog training at butterfly farm

Butterfly Farm is the host site for all your Dog Training Needs.  Dan Flynn has been training dogs for almost his entire life.  Dan and his team believe in positive reinforcement when training your family pet and strive to build a relationship between the dog and their owner.   Take a look at Dan's YouTube channel and the classes he offers below.

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Puppy Kindergarten is a staple class for every new dog owner!  We cannot recommend this class enough to the new puppy owner.  This class is offered to puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 months.  Puppy K focuses on all of the basic commands in obedience and also focuses a great deal on socialization of your puppy with other puppies and humans.  



PUPPY scholar

Puppy Scholar is a continuation of Puppy Kindergarten for the dog owner who wants to take their training a step further!  Within this class you will expand on the basic commands learned in Puppy Kindergarten and learn how to apply these commands even further.  This class is great for anyone looking to go onto competition obedience or just looking to create a bond with their puppy.


PUPPY performance

Puppy Performance is a fun packed class designed to get your puppy ready for competition sports.  The goal of the class is to prepare you and your dog for fun and success in agility or any performance venue and every day life in general. The key is to develop a great relationship with your dog focusing on motivating your dog through play, building your dog’s confidence and establishing self control.


beginner obedience

Beginner Obedience is an excellent class for dogs 6 months and beyond.  This class provides the foundation that every dog needs to succeed in everyday life going through all of the basic commands in obedience and teaching your dog how to succeed in their partnership with you as their owner and best friend.  


beginner agility

Agility is a fun and active sport that really builds a partnership between you and your dog!  Within this class your dog will be exposed to many of the different pieces of equipment they will be working through in an actual agility course.  This class is to designed to not only get your dog comfortable with equipment, but also to begin teaching them how to work from their owners cues and directions.



Did you know that a dog's nose is 10 to 100 thousand stronger than ours as humans?  Within this course your dog will learn how to utilize their nose and search for scents such as Birch, Anise, Cypress, and Clove.  As a partnership this class will teach you how to identify when your dog finds scent and award them for making an accurate find and alerting you.  



My wife and I went to Dan for our dog training very early on in our puppy's life and I can very confidently say that her great behavior and obedience is due to working with him! 


I cannot say enough about Dan's knowledge of animals but also his persistence 



Cumberland, RI

contact dan to book a spot in one of his classes or for a one on one consultation!

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